in Ürzig in the Moselle valley

Hubertushöhe 4   D-54539 Ürzig   Tel: +49 (0)6532-2895  Mobil: 0160 4483 403   E-Mail:

A paradise for those who know how to enjoy life.

Do you love the winding lanes of the villages along the Moselle valley, steeped in tradition, filled with cosy wine bars and echoing to the sounds of joyful festivals?

If so, Ürzig is just the place for you.

Ürzig is also one of the few wine-growing villages, whose best vineyards like the world-famous "Ürziger Würzgarten" lie directly adjacent to the houses.

Here you will find lots to see and do:

  • Hiking routes in Ürzig and the surrounding countryside
  • A visit to the Ürzig Herbal Garden
  • A walk to the Machern Monestary with its own brewery
  • Interesting museums for the rare rainy day
  • Bike paths on both sides of the Moselle.
  • Romantic winegrowing villages along the banks of the Moselle
  • Explore the Moselle by steamer (Ürzig has its own pier)
  • Discover the vulanic origin of the Eifel hills at a maar (a former crater filled with water)
  • Visit historically interessting towns
    • Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach and Cochem
    • The former Roman town of Trier
    • The semi-precious stone center in Idar-Oberstein
    • Koblenz on the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle
  • A short visit to the Duchy of Luxemburg

You can find a list of the current festivals and events in Ürzig on the website: